Bill Belichick 2-01.png

Bill Belichick "No Mercy"

Adobe Illustrator

This was a t-shirt design I created. It was a play on "Karate Kid" and coach Belichick. I made this in Adobe Illustrator. The total project took about 2 - 3 hours to complete.

Patrice Bergeron Portrait

Adobe Illustrator

As a big time, Boston bruins fan, this was one of my favorite illustrations. This took around 30 hours of illustrating on and off. The mask/visor was the most difficult section, with trying to recreate the reflection from the photo I referenced. This was all drawn with a computre mouse. This illustration was shared by the NHL on their social media page on instagram.

Patrice Bergeron-01.png
Jordan Burroughs-01.png

Jordan Burroughs

Adobe Illustrator

Jordan Burroughs has become a household name, and legend in the wrestling community. I decided to do a portrait of Jordan Burroughs to honor his legacy and career. This illustration took about 5-6 hours. This was all drawn in adobe illustrator.

jake "burton" carpenter

Adobe Illustrator

The legend, and pioneer of snowboarding himself, jake. I had the pleasure of starting my career working for Jake at Burton Snowboards. This illustration took 2.5 hours to do in adobe illustrator.

Jaylen Brown-01.png

Jaylen Brown

Adobe Illustrator

Growing up in new England I was a die-hard Celtics fan. I did this illustration of Celtics star Jaylen Brown in Adobe Illustrator. This took around 15-20 hours to complete. The sweat details were the most time-consuming part of this illustration.

Julian Edelman

Adobe Illustrator

Edelman embodied the spirit of the New England Patriots throughout his career. constantly underestimated, and the grit and determination of a lion. In honor of his retirement last year, I did this illustration of him. I was fortunate enough for Julian Edelman to share this illustration on his social media platforms.

Julian Edelman-01.png
Narrator (with background)-01.png

Fight Club "The Narrator"

Adobe Illustrator

One of my all-time favorite movies, "Fight Club". This is a drawing of "the narrator" in the movie/story. This illustration took 2 hours in Adobe Illustrator to draw.

Chris Cornell Portrait

Adobe Illustrator

In my opinion Chris Cornell is the best singer of my generation. I did this illustration to commemorate him. This illustration took 2 hours to complete in adobe illustrator. All of this was freehand drawn with a combination of the mouse and pen tool.

Chris Cornell-01.png
Trent Reznor-01.png

Trent Reznor Portrait

Adobe Illustrator

My all-time favorite musician, Trent Reznor. I have been a lifelong fan of Nine Inch Nails and all of the solo work that Trent Reznor has done. I did this drawing following my illustration of Chris Cornell. I was inspired to draw my version of my favorite singers/musicians.

Henry Rollins Portrait

Adobe Illustrator

You know what is funny, when I finished this piece on Henry Rollins, I realized how much he looks like the main character from "Dexter". This illustration too 2 hours in Adobe Illustrator.

Henry Rollins (red background)-01.png
Meg Myers-01.png

Meg Myers Portrait

Adobe Illustrator

Meg Myers is one of my favorite newer artists. I came across her music when she covered one of my favorite songs, "Running up That Hill". She has a very unique and original sound, and it has been an awesome treasure to uncover her work.

Taylor Hall

Adobe Illustrator

One of my favorite new signings from my Boston Bruins, Taylor Hall. I am extremely happy that the Bruins were able to sign him for a big extension. This illustration took 15-20 hours of on and off work in adobe Illustrator. This was all drawn with a mouse, utilizing a combination of the pen and pencil tool.

Taylor Hall-01.png

Alexander "Ovi" Ovechkin

Adobe Illustrator

I put up a vote on my Instagram account asking my followers who they wanted me to do a portrait of. The fans voted for "Ovi" and this was what I produced. I spent around 20 hours off and on creating this vector portrait in Adobe Illustrator.

Tuuka Rask

Adobe Illustrator

I was inspired to illustrate Tuuka when I saw his hockey Mask. This was one of my first Hockey Illustrations, and took about 20 hours. I think looking back I could do this much better now with some of my experience in portraits. None the less I am happy with the outcome.

Tuukka Rask-01.png

David "Pasta" Pastrnak

Adobe Illustrator

My favorite all-time Bruin, David Pastrnak. I was really pleased with how this piece came back. I spent around 25 hours on this in Adobe Illustrator. The visor and beard/hair took the longest in this composition. Go Bruins!

John Rambo

Adobe Illustrator

This is illustration was subtly inspired based off my career in the military. I often use it as the symbol/face of my freelance studio. I grew up loving the Rambo movies, and it was the early inspiration for my aspirations of becoming a "Green Beret". I drew this freehand with a mouse in Adobe Illustrator, and it took around 2 hours. This is one of my favorite illustrations that I have done and I love how it brings me full circle to my aspirations of my childhood dream of becoming a "Green Beret".

Rambo Mugshot-01.png
Jake Phelps-01.png

Jake Phelps

Adobe Illustrator

I have always been a huge fan of skateboarding, never a great skateboarder, but always loved it. This was an illustration I did of one of the pioneers of the sport, Jake Phelps. He passed away at a young age a few years ago. Jake was the face behind "Thrasher Magazine. I spent around 3-4 hours illustrating this. I also have a screen recording of this piece on YouTube channel and Instagram. Long live Jake Phelps!