Alpha Country Reworked Logo (Black)-01.png

Alpha Country 

Adobe Illustrator

This was a logo I did for a good friend, and fellow green beret. His had an existing logo and asked me to redraw the skull and tri arrow. This was the final product of what I came up with. 

Go follow them: https://www.thealphacountry.com


Adobe Illustrator

This was a logo for a fellow green beret's company. This was a fun project as it was not one of my typical projects. I love doing a cleaner look and bringing the client's vision to life!

EDi2 Logo.png

Madden Mx

Adobe Illustrator

Madden Turf MX-01.png

This was one of my most recent design pieces that I did for my fellow, green Beret and best buddy's company. He is building a startup company out of Texas and gave me some ideas to build his logo. This one is still in the works but, we are slowly dialing in on it.

Saltwater and Sawdust

Adobe Illustrator

Saltwater and Sawdust was my first logo/client I worked for when I started my own freelance company. This is a fellow veteran that does tremendous woodwork. He made a fantastic brand of this logo that he stamps his pieces with, and it looks absolutely beautiful!

Saltwater and Sawdust Logo.png
Wepa Areypa Logo.png

Wepa Areypa

Adobe Illustrator

This was one of my earliest commissions that I did for a fellow teammate's food truck. He asked for a character/portrait of himself with the Colombian flag, and this was what the result was. This was a lot of fun, as I enjoy any project that gives me freedom to illustrate or do portraits.